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We are engaged in offering BSCI. It is based on the labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and other important international regulations like the UN Charta for Human Rights, as well as on national regulations. We have on board a team of dedicated professionals, who have extensive knowledge about this field. Established by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA), BSCI creates consistency and harmonization for companies wanting to improve their social compliance in the global supply chain.

It is a broad based business-driven platform for social compliance monitoring and qualification of the supply chain. The BSCI Code of Conduct includes elements of legal compliance, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, prohibition of discrimination, compensation, working hours, workplace health and safety, prohibition of child labour, prohibition of forced and compulsory labor and disciplinary measures, environment and safety issues.


The BSCI monitoring system :

  • Provides standardized management tools for all companies in all countries
  • Supplies a database: information pool to optimize coordination of the process
  • Is open to retailers, importers, and manufacturers
  • Involves all stakeholders in Europe and supplier countries
  • Report valid for two years.


BSCI works to tackle these challenges by offering one common Code of Conductand one single Implementation System that enable all companies sourcing all types of products from all geographies to collectively address the complex labour issues of their supply chain. To ease the implementation of the BSCI Code of Conduct, we develop - with the input of participating companies and stakeholders - a broad range of tools and activities to audit, train, share information and influence key actors towards improving labour conditions in the supply chain of participating companies.

  • One single Code of Conduct.
  • One single Implementation System.
  • Various tools and activities to support companies and producers.
  • For all retailers, importers and brand companies
  • For all types of products.
  • For all sourcing countries.

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