IRIS Certification

IRIS Certification

IRIS is based on the internationally recognized quality standard ISO 9001. It is a complementary extension to ISO 9001, specific to the railway industry, designed for the evaluation of management systems. The underlying aim of IRIS is to improve the quality and reliability of rolling stock produced, by improving the whole supply chain. It does this by requiring suppliers to comply with strict and common procedures.

Rail Product Certification scheme enables you to provide a visible and powerful demonstration of your commitment to safety and assurance in the rail industry.
If you can certify you’ve successfully applied the IRIS standard, you’ll gain a clear competitive advantage from this all-encompassing mark of quality. You can also benefit from early entry in the IRIS database. This provides full details of ratings achieved in certification for all certified organisations.

IRIS can be applied to all direct and indirect ancillary industries (such as manufacturers of system construction parts and individual components), operators as well as manufacturers of rail-mounted vehicles.

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